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Hi! I’m Lindsey Stephenson,
advocate, author and the superhero behind My Mama is a Superhero 


My Mama is a Superhero is about the adventures we all share, even if we experience them a little bit differently. It is a  story of inclusion and acceptance, shining a light on people of all abilities.

"My mama is so brave

She even has a scar or two

Every day she shows me

There is nothing we can't do."


My Mama is a Superhero was inspired by a bedtime conversation between Lindsey and her daughter Ella about her wheelchair.

In Ella's eyes, her mama's disability was not a limitation but a superpower.

 Ella knew that her mama is able to do all the same activities as any other mom.

Join Ella and Lindsey on their adventures. Learn how they embrace their gifts, differences and abilities, and show others how to do the same.

My Mama is a Superhero is published by LeadHer Publishing 



Lindsey Stephenson is a writer, mom, personal injury representative and equality advocate with a passion for educating the world about inclusion, diversity, accessibility and acceptance.

Lindsey has always been encouraged to embrace her abilities and make her voice known. She has shone a light and educated others around her about equal rights and inclusion for persons of all abilities. 

Lindsey has worked as an ambassador for many organizations, such as Easter Seals, Sunshine Dreams for Kids and Variety Village.

Her passion did not go unnoticed, and she was able to make an impact in my hometown as the Vice-President of the Accessibility Advisor Committee for the Township of Scugog. There, she reviewed and made recommendations on legislation related to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, and ensured accessibility standards were met for new building proposals. 

After receiving a diploma in Travel and Tourism, Lindsey set her sights on helping travel companies prioritize accessibility and filling the gaps that she noticed in her own travels.

Lindsey established Accessible Travel Adventures Inc. and began a travel guide where destinations were assessed by individuals with disabilities. This created a true and accurate review that empowered travelers of all abilities to make informed choices about their travel.










In 2015, she added a new title that outshined all of her other career achievements and accolades: Mom. 

The birth of her daughter gave her new purpose and drive as she helps her daughter understand inclusion and acceptance. 

With the creation of My Mama is a Superhero, Lindsey continues to promote inclusivity, acceptance and understanding. She inspires the next generation to appreciate their own special gifts and differences and has created a tool to help teachers, parents, childcare providers, and others to do the same.

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Lindsey is always happy to speak more about My Mama is a Superhero, inclusivity, accessibility and more!


Fill out the form below and she'll get in touch! 

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